Simple Sophistication
Simple Sophistication

“Schneider Grading & Excavating is the most meticulous grading contractor I’ve ever used!  He has done several projects for our company, and each time his work is spot on!  One example was a patio where he set hubs and sloped the soil into the center for deck drains so well that we ended up with a perfect 4″ slab throughout – no thick spots.  Saved several yards of concrete over a similar job with another grading contractor many years back – since I’ve discovered Schneider Grading & Excavating I use no other company for my grading.  If his schedule is full I tell my customers that we will wait for him to have an opening for us.  Yes, he is THAT good.”

-Billy H.

“Deven approached our pump/jump track build with the precision of an engineer, the flow of a true rider and the brush of an artist. We have had pro BMX’ers and mountain bikers out to the house and they are all amazed with how perfectly the track flows and how smooth it is and at the same moment my groms can session it all day and it is safe and fun! Deven is a perfectionist and was not going to call it done until it was perfect. He effectively turned a dead old section of our property into an amazing centering point for our family and friends. We could not be happier with the work and value the track has brought to our lives and property. My only regret is that I did not find him 5 years ago.”

-Bill M.

“Deven graded my driveway.  When he arrived, the driveway was in terrible shape with ruts and bumps.  Rain had carved the drive up pretty badly.  Deven came in and filled the ruts, smoothed the surfaces, and made sure DG covered our clay.  My driveway is now a smooth, crowned driveway that sends the water off the sides rather than down the middle! Deven is most honest, hard working, professional grader you can find!”

-Vicki W.

“I met Deven while looking for someone to build a pump track in my back yard. What drew me to Deven’s work was his ability to build a very functional track as well as landscape the surroundings and truly turn the finished product into a work of art. Working with Deven and getting to know him on a personal level has been nothing short of incredible. The depth of knowledge he has from planning, through soil types, landscaping and determining exactly what would fit my needs far surpassed my highest expectations. It has been almost a year since the completion of the track and landscaping and I get to see Deven when he comes out to touch up the project after El Nino does it’s thing. With all the pre-planning and extensive build knowledge the track drains well and he gets it all tuned up and back to perfect in a matter of a few days. I can’t say it enough, Deven is a true professional, delivers on the highest level of work and does all of it with a smile on his face and the best disposition. If you have a project you are considering Deven for, I would urge you to give him a call and rest assured you will be in great hands.”

-Chris B.

“Deven built a pump track in our “back lot” — it’s the one featured on his website!  When we bought our house in 2010, it came with this strange piece of land separate from the rest of the lot, across a dry stream (ditch) that was ~20 feet wide/deep.  It was only accessible via a private road, on which we had no legal access.  For a couple of years we debated what to do with the land, and finally decided to build the bike track.

So, we hired Deven from Schneider Grading to design and install the track.  As a new owner of a newly built house, we had a lot of experience dealing with contractors, and Deven really impressed us.  He was technically savvy and drew up a plan for us in real time on his Mac.  He and his coworkers spent a lot of time working the dirt and making things perfect.  He really seemed to enjoy his work.

We are incredibly happy with the end result.  It looks great, and the kids ride on it nearly every day after school!  It’s so much fun — their friends all want to come over.  I highly recommend Schneider Grading!”

-Erika L.

“Deven has worked on my house for several projects. He backfilled a large retaining wall and made it so that water went to where my drains were placed. He also did some grading that needed to be inspected by a very difficult inspector when I did a two bedroom addition to my house. 

I was so satisfied with his work that I called him to do the dig for my pool and the pad for my pool house. On the pool dig he saved me a bunch of money by loosing all of the dirt on the property, something nobody else had mentioned when they came out to give me quotes all others wanted to charge expensive fees to get rid of the dirt. 

I can’t say enough about the professionalism and the great service Deven provided. I just recently recommended him to a friend that is building a guesthouse on their property.”

-David R.

“Deven Schneider has provided excellent grading services for multiple projects on my mountain property over the past year and a half, and I give him the highest recommendation possible.  

The projects have ranged from rebuilding an existing jeep trail to pioneering a new road, and most recently, building a level pad for a play area on our sloping side yard and stormwater improvements and vegetation removal on the half-mile shared access road.  

Deven provides everything I could hope for in an excavator, from his design ideas on how to make the project very attractive and manage storm water, to his execution using the most advanced equipment available, to his pricing, which is so affordable that I can’t justify renting or buying equipment and doing it myself.

To summarize, if you want an excellent job done by a super smart, friendly and courteous small business owner with amazing equipment, skill and attention to detail, you’ve found the right guy.”

-Drew G.

Simple Sophistication

Schneider Grading is a General Engineering contractor located in San Diego, CA.


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